Alena Kogan

The introduction of the action-actor person into the environment of total installation is the subject of a creative experiment that I am currently engaged in.

The contact between the built-up space and the viewer, laid down already in the process of creating the work, is called upon to cause a certain emotional state of the subject falling into it, to create a figurative series, to launch the mechanism of metaphysical interaction between a person and an object.

The task of performative action is to strengthen this contact.  


Alena Kogan lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1997 she graduated from the faculty of monumental and decorative art at Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State

Academy of Art and Design. She worked as an assistant professor at St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts in 2010-2015. She has participated in solo
and group exhibitions since 1998. Her works are in private collections in Russia and France. For the past two years, she has been engaged in large-format objects made
of cellophane, plastic, and paper. All of her installations are made for a specific environment, taking into account the characteristics of the surrounding architecture
or landscape. But recently, the artist is particularly interested in not only the correspondence of the sculpture or installation to a particular place. She is interested
in the question of the interaction of a person and an object. A person does not just contemplate an object, he touches it, enters it, he himself becomes a part
of the installation



1982–1987: student of the Gorkovskiy State University, department of Applied Mathematics, was taught by Professor Y.I.Neimark, a world renowned scientist.

1989–1991: studied at several private art studios of Saint Petersburg.

1991–1997: studied at Mukhina Art and Industry Academy, department of Ceramics and Glass.

2010–2015: associate Professor at St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts


1998: became a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation.

2014: became a member of Saint-Petersburg Artists Union IFA.